The Great Give

The Great Give

We feel strongly about the idea of “women empowering women”, and that has become our missional focus through Zumba.  YOU have helped us contribute funds to amazing organizations all around the world that have positively impacted women.  From The Miriam Project to micro loans for women in India – your dollars at Zumba have done some awesome things!  Over the years, one of those important organizations that you’ve helped us support has been Dove Harbor.

In the past, we have written Dove Harbor a check for $700 – a gift from SisterFitness that we were able to give in part because of you!  This year, we are going to try something new.  On July 9th we decided to give our $700 to our class members.  Each class participant was given a five dollar bill as they left the building with the challenge of multiplying those dollars for Dove Harbor.  We stepped out in a leap of faith, people! 🙂

At the very least, our class will bring their $5 back to class on Tuesday, July 30th and we will give Dove Harbor our usual gift of $700.  OR…..think if each person turned their $5 into $6, $20…$100!  it’s hard to even imagine the magnitude of the opportunity we have here!  We have been praying over this idea for weeks now and we KNOW it’s annointed.  God is in it.

We challenge you to start thinking creatively about how to “invest” your own $5 for a larger return.  Host a lemonade stand.  Buy donuts  for your office and have everyone donate toward the cause.  Host an at home Sister Fitness Zumba party with the online video!  Buy everyone water and charge $5 to come workout in your living room.  We’re positive you’ll have even more amazing ideas than we can even dream up!

If you couldn’t make it to class on July 9th – IT’S NOT TOO LATE!  We’re all out of $5 bills :)….but please jump on board with us!  You can make a difference!

Give Button Bless Dove Harbor with an online gift

Share Button Send us a picture and short description of how your circle of friends multiplied $5 for Dove Harbor!  Your story could win you one of our fantastic prizes as a “thank you” for participating!


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