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Be Blessed!


Natalie & Hillary


Great Give 2015

Today marks the start of the 3rd Annual Great Give benefitting Dove Harbor!  This year we are so excited to offer our July online class for FREE to anyone who gives a charitable donation online to Dove Harbor.

That’s 30 days of FREE workouts in the privacy of your home!

We believe when we can change the life of a woman, we can change the life of a generation.  Would you consider giving a small amount to this great cause?  If a lot of us do just a little bit, we can make BIG things happen in the lives of others.


Sister Fitness Great Give Workout from Sister Fitness on Vimeo.

Sister Fitness at Home

SFTVCheck out the January Routine with Sister Fitness at HOME! 

1st Time User Steps:

  1. Sign up for a FREE Vimeo account (username/password) using your computer
  2. Access the Routines and purchase 1 or all of them!
  3. Rent this video for $10 – giving you 30 days of unlimited access!
  4. Sign into Vimeo from any smart device (phone, iPad, TV, XBox, etc.) and your video rental will be waiting on you!

Email us with any questions! (


Sister Fitness is excited to announce a NEW Look for 2015!  We have decided to change the names of the classes we teach.  Over the past few years we have gradually moved away from the traditional Zumba format.   We’ve realized that we love the format of classes we currently teach – and we shouldn’t really call them “Zumba” anymore!

We’re excited to announce the NEW names of the classes we have taught for 5 years now!


What was once known as “Zumba” is now going to be called CardioBlast

(still on T/TH @ 5:30PM; Sat @ 9:00AM…  Still $5 with FREE Childcare…  Still donating 10% of proceeds to non-profit organizations!  — SAME WORKOUT…  just now called CardioBlast!)


What was once known as “Zumba Basic” is now going to be called CardioBasic

(Still on M/TH @ 5:30PM;  Still $4…  Still donating 10% of proceeds to non-profit organizations!  

SAME WORKOUT…  just now called CardioBasic!)


We will continue to teach our Sculpt classes

(Still on T/TH @ 6:40PM…  Still $3 with FREE Childcare…  

Still donating 10% of proceeds to non-profit organizations!)


We are so excited to announce the addition of

SisterFitness AT HOME!

Starting in January we will be offering our classes online – for those of you who live far away, travel often, or just want the extra workout during the week with us!

Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for more info on how you can access these workouts!


And last but not least….  we are THRILLED to announce:

We will be adding a Nutritional Component in 2015 called

Eat & Run!

We will be partnering with our culinary genius of a mother, Margo Royer, to bring you healthy nutritional options that will get you on the right track with your wellness goals.  Margo is a licensed caterer who has been in business for 20+ years.  Merging our passion for wellness with her expertise in food is a dream come true for all three of us!

If you’re someone who WANTS a change in how you look and feel but just doesn’t have the time or knowledge to set yourself up for success, this Eat & Run program is perfect for you!

Stay tuned for more details rolling out SOON!



2015 is going to be a GREAT year!!  Jump back in to wellness with us through one of these awesome programs we will be offering!


Natalie & Hillary

Great Give 2014

If you are reading this right now, you are blessed.  You have the internet with some sort of device to search and retrieve information.  You have a home for your family, food on your table, and gas in your car.  It’s so easy for us all to take for granted these simple things that are at our fingertips.  Scripture says in Luke that to whom much has been given, much will be expected.  It’s important for us to continually evaluate how we can make a meaningful difference – even a small one – in the life of another.

We feel strongly about the idea of “women empowering women,” and that has become our missional focus through Zumba.  YOU have helped us contribute funds to amazing organizations all around the world that have positively impacted women.  From The Miriam Project to micro loans for women in India – your dollars at Zumba have done some awesome things!  Over the years, one of those important organizations that you’ve helped us support has been Dove Harbor.

Women who find themselves in crisis situations, find a new beginning at Dove Harbor.  Some of the women are single mothers who just can’t make end’s meet, while others are escaping abusive situations.  Some are fighting addictions and others are facing homelessness.  No matter what brings them to Dove Harbor, they can find a safe place to live for six months to a year while they start the healing process and learn successful life skills that empower them with a new self-confidence.

Dove Harbor’s program is built around three very important fundamentals:  Grace, Mercy, and Accountability.  Because Dove Harbor’s program is based upon Christian values and applies Biblical principles, it is not eligible for any federal funding.  As a result, this program relies on donors who have the desire to make an investment in changing the lives of the women and children who call Dove Harbor home.

Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 4.29.05 PMIn the past, we have written Dove Harbor a check for $700 – a gift from SisterFitness that we were able to give in part because of you!  For the second year in a row now, we are going to try something new.

Last night, July 8th, at class – we gave our $700 to YOU.  Each class participant was given a five dollar bill as they left the building with the challenge of multiplying those dollars for Dove Harbor.  We are stepping out in a leap of faith, people! 🙂

Great Give Launch Night 2014

But we trust you.  We know your hearts.  We know you love coming alongside women with us.  We KNOW you’ll find amazing ways to multiply this money to pay it forward to the residents of Dove Harbor.

At the very least, you’ll bring your $5 back to class on Tuesday, July 29th and we will give Dove Harbor our usual gift of $700.  OR…..think if each person turned their $5 into $6, $20…$100!  it’s hard to even imagine the magnitude of the opportunity we have here!  We have been praying over this for weeks now and we KNOW it’s anointed.  God is in it.

We challenge you to start thinking creatively about how to “invest” your $5 for a larger return.  Host a lemonade stand.  Buy donuts or Rickers pops for your office and have everyone donate toward the cause.  Host an at home Sister Fitness Zumba party with the online video!  Buy everyone water and charge $5 to come workout in your living room.  We’re positive you’ll have even more amazing ideas than we can even dream up!

If you couldn’t make it to class tonight – IT’S NOT TOO LATE!  We’re all out of $5 bills :)….but please jump on board with us!  You can make a difference!

Involve your kids…your spouse…your co-workers.  Tell others about what you’re doing…you will inspire them to help your effort!  Don’t forget to share with us the stories (and pictures!) of how you’re blessing those around you and how you’ve been blessed by the process.

We can’t WAIT to see how God works through YOU to impact our community.  Join us back at class on August 5th to find out how God used each one of us to multiply a little into a BIG BLESSING for the women and children of Dove Harbor!


It’s Coming! The Great Give 2014

Don’t Miss The Great Give 2014

Launch Night

7 | 8 | 2014 @ 5:30PM

Great Give 2013 Documentary from Sister Fitness on Vimeo.




We can’t thank you enough…

Dove Harbor is grateful, and we are blown away by your giving spirits.

We are PROUD of YOU!



Great Give Finale – TONIGHT!

Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 4.29.05 PMIt’s hard to believe….  We’ve come to the end of an incredibly rewarding journey as a Sister Fitness Family.

Tonight at class is when we reveal the phenomenal impact your giving hearts have had on Dove Harbor.

We couldn’t be more humbled to have walked this faith-path with you.

We put $700 into the hands of 140 people… then gave them 30 days to inspire others to give a little extra for the Women and Children of Dove Harbor.

God – as He always does – has shown up in the big and little details of this entire month.

He brought us 140 people to the “give” class where we brought $700 to give away.  140 x $5/person = $700

He worked within your hearts and minds to come up with inspiring ways to multiply your $5

  • Outdoor movie nights with your friends
  • Lemonade stands
  • Crayola “Hearts for the Harbor”
  • Tons of yummy food creations sold
  • Sponsored runners
  • Corporate sponsorships through your personal connections

Many of you faithfully participated by bringing back your $5 + loose change…  Those donations added up to a LOT of blessing for Dove Harbor.

We’re proud of you.

We’re humbled to be part of your circle.

We’re thankful that God chose our class to be part of something so powerfully inspiring for our community.

Stay tuned for the FINAL AMOUNT RAISED to be revealed on our website!!


Hillary & Natalie

Great Give Story – Marty, Tracey & Diane

IMG_2375These ladies are special.

They’re family, and share a “sisterhood” that we can really relate to.

They live life close together, and have been coming to Zumba with Sister Fitness together for 2 years now!

We love them, their fun energy, and their hearts for the community in which they live.

Marty, Tracey & Diane worked together to raise over $2,100 for the Great Give, and we have been blown away by their tenacity for blessing Dove Harbor!

Check out these fun pictures they collected along their Great Give journey!


Corey Myers, Main Source Bank


Scott Wilkins, Rozelle Johnson Funeral Home


Dr. Rex Teeple, Ossip

Great Give Story – Cassandra

I wasn’t there for the kick off but I still wanted to participate! So I baked some cookies and brownies and asked my co-workers in the Madison county courts to support Dove Harbor! It’s been great to see the generosity of so many people!

GG - Cassandra

Thank you so much for giving your time and talents for Dove Harbor!